Child Protection

Gebrher works in child protection with the core principles of Non-discrimination, Best interests of the child, Right to life, survival and development, and respect for the views of the child; And strives to achieve a better world for children through building a safe environment for children as it is stated by UNICEF that includes the following core components:

    • Strengthening government commitment and capacity to fulfill children’s rights to protection
    • Promoting the establishment and enforcement of adequate legislation
    • Addressing harmful attitudes, customs, and practices
    • Encouraging open discussion of child protection issues that includes media and civil society partners
    • Developing children’s life skills, knowledge, and participation
    • Building the capacity of families and communities
    • Providing essential services for prevention, recovery, and reintegration, including basic health, education and protection
    • Establishing and implementing on-going and effective monitoring, reporting, and oversight.