Empowering vulnerable communities through education, both traditional and modern, is one of the primary goals of Gebrher . We strive to improve the education of all needy children in vulnerable communities, especially those who are orphans, with disabilities, victims of abuse and neglect and trafficking.  Our education program also has an adult program. Education has the following components:

Basic Literacy and Numeracy Program

The basic literacy program will employ a mixed model of traditional and modern literacy approaches. Basic literacy in the sense of the basic reading skill / fluency development will follow the traditional church education model whereas the basic writing and advanced comprehension skills development will be based on modern approaches. 

The basic numeracy program will be based on a problem solving approach where by learners apply basic numeracy skills in their daily lives.      


Adult Education Program

Our adult education program includes basic literacy, numeracy, health, and vocational education. 

Gebrher ’s Vocational training will focus on developing appropriate technology building up on local knowledge and skills to make them marketable.  

Gebrher’s education capacity building programs include:

      • the construction of local schools including early childhood care and education centers( ECCE) and primary schools ;
      • Provision of scholastic materials including books, stationery, ICT equipment, and etc.
      • basic and ongoing training for teachers, parents, community, and respective government stakeholders.