Family Empowerment

What is empowerment?

Well, it is the act of decision-making, choice, and the sense of capability resulting from the empowerment act.

Although there are many elements within family centered care models in addition to empowerment empowerment is viewed by many as being the most important element for. It is not simply a matter of whether or not family needs are met, but rather the manner in which needs are met that is likely to have empowering consequences.

By empowering families to develop possible solutions to problems or needs, the professional is not only helping with the current situation, but also helping the family develop skills to solve future problems independently.

As family empowerment increases, the family unit becomes more competent and capable.

What we do

      1. Educational courses and seminars to include topics having to do with premarital life, newlywed, marital life and parenting skills
      2. Expanding social supports
      3. Utilizing family strengths
      4. Providing individually-tailored resources
      5. Delivering services consistent with cultural values and beliefs