Health Outreach

Health outreach

Health outreach programs play a critical role in improving and extending the reach of healthcare through activities such as health education, case management, basic health screening, and facilitating access to services. These activities can, directly and indirectly, improve the health outcomes of individuals and communities.

What is Medical Mission?

Our medical missions are 4-8 days trips where a group of healthcare professionals travel to offer their professional services to the people in need. We provide a vast range of services including primary care, specialty as well as subspecialty services. Surgical and ophthalmologic services are also offered where they are feasible.

Medical mission trips are geared towards providing direct medical services, as agreed upon between the host hospital and Gebrher, to the community we will be serving on that trip. Trips may include any number of health care specialties, depending on need, feasibility and request. Our medical mission team consists of healthcare professionals, medical students, and public health experts. If space permits others professionals can be included.

What is Health Education?

Gebrher’s Health Education is a service that focuses on preventative medicine through interactive education. Health Education trips are primarily focused on health awareness and disease prevention. The team equips the youth with practical skills related to nutrition, hygiene, mental health, and numerous other public health topics. Through the use of art, lecture material, props, and other educational tools, trip participants can provide a cohesive curriculum for beneficiaries. The health education team mainly consists of public health experts and medical students.


Mission FAQ

Who organizes mission trips?

All our mission trips are organized by the Health Services Committee. The Committee develops its annual mission schedule at the beginning of the year and gets approval from the Board of Gebrher. After approval on the mission schedule, the respective mission sites are contacted for approval. All missions are organized and conducted in accordance with the rules and spirit of Gebrher and under the guidance of the local health facility. Emergency missions may be undertaken during a public health crisis.

Who covers the cost of the missions?

The cost of the mission trips is covered by Gebrher. However, individual members of each mission team may cover for their own expenses.

Who is involved in each mission?

The number and mix depend on the type and size of the mission which in turn depends on the magnitude and severity of the health problems identified.

Is there a payment for participation in medical missions?

No. This is a volunteer engagement; no payments are provided. Transport and accommodation are paid for by Gebrher

Can students participate in medical missions?

Yes, Medical and Health science students, as well as other College students who are interested in health science, are encouraged to join Gebrher mission trips. The missions’ standard operating procedures contain provisions regarding activities in which students can participate.

Can non healthcare professional people join the mission trip?

Yes. Since all the mission trips have a component of psychological/ social/ spiritual service to orphanages, homeless shelters, and hospitals we encourage all interested to join our trips to be part of the service. The roles of such persons during the mission trips are included in the standard operating procedures

I am interested in joining a mission trip. What shall I do?

If you have a special interest in a specific trip, please, contact us directly at: 

    • Email:
    • Phone no.: +251-940-424299