Mental Health


We, at Gebrher, are determined to reach the mentally ill people in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged part of the community through mental health advocacy, facilitating the pathway to traditional and modern mental healthcare, and providing clinical services.

Mental health advocacy

We work on mental health education as part of the disease prevention and promotion package. The main goal of our advocacy is optimizing service demand and utilization by our target group. Through advocacy, we are also aiming to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people with mental illness.

Facilitating pathways

Gebrher strives to liaise traditional with modern mental healthcare to encourage integrated treatment pathways. Besides, we design and implement projects that aim to improve the living conditions of patients in the treatment facilities, such as Holy Water sites.

Clinical Services

In addition to integrating mental health services into our primary healthcare facilities, Gebrher works to establish rehabilitation centers for persons with addiction, the elderly, and children with neurodevelopmental disorders in different parts of Ethiopia. Through these, we are aiming to support recovery and reduce caregivers’ burden.