Here are our Services

Medical Care

Health Care for Poor

One of the main objectives of Gebreher is to provide healthcare for the poor, focusing on vulnerable children and the elderly…Read More


Health Outreach

Health outreach programs play a critical role in improving and extending the reach of health care… Read More


Mental Health​

We are determined to reach the mentally ill people in the most vulnerable and disadvantaged part of the community … Read More



Empowering vulnerable communities through education, both traditional and modern, is one of the primary goals of Gebrher. We strive to improve the education of all needy children in vulnerable communities, especially those who are orphans, with disabilities, victims of abuse and neglect and trafficking.  Our education program also has an adult program. Education has the following components… Read More

Litracy Program

The basic literacy program will employ a mixed model of traditional and modern literacy approaches…Read More 

Short Course Training

The short course is an extra academic activity which will enrich your experience… Read More

Education for students with disability

Educational provision for students with disabilities is essential if Ethiopia is to reach “Education for All” goals…Read More



We will provide partial or full scholarship based on the requirements…

Read More

Counseling Services

In addition to the mental health services, Gebrher provides counseling and guidance on different psychosocial and economic matters for members and the disadvantaged segment of the population……Read More



GH strives to see communities with sustainable means of livelihood, especially for vulnerable members of communities. In its livelihood program, GH is committed to the wellbeing of community members including youth, women, men, and people with disabilities….Read More


Family Empowerment

Empowerment: The act of decision-making, choice, and the sense of capability resulting from the empowerment act Empowering: Based on a family-centered program model, the system of care philosophy views families as fully capable of making informed choices given that professionals provide the additional support and resources needed to empower families and foster the development of new skills to create long-term change…..Read More


Child Protection

GH works in child protection with the core principles of Non-discrimination, Best interests of the child, Right to life, survival and development, AND Respect for the views of the child; And strives to achieve a better world for children through building a safe environment for children as it is stated by UNICEF1 that includes the following core components….Read More


Emergency Response

Emergency planning introduces methods for identifying and assessing hazards and vulnerabilities that require a crisis management and emergency response plan.
We will develop a standard methodology for organizing, drafting and implementing emergency preparedness and emergency action plans and related procedures. …..Read More


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene /WASH/

GEBRHER is committed to helping all poor Ethiopians by working with partners to gain access to safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene practices, as they form the first pillars towards health and wellbeing of the community.

The goal of the WASH Program at GEBRHER is reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases among children caused by poor access to WASH services and reducing the economic and social burden brought about by the lack of access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene on the community in general……Read More


Sponsoring Project

GEBRHER will sponsor long term and short-term projects which align with its mission and goal.

GEBRHER may sponsor a nonprofit as a general partnership or in conjunction with a campaign or event……Read More